Advertising at Fitness gym system – new OOH channel in the rhythm of modern life


In the age of technology 4.0 nowadays, consumers change every day, the media, accordingly, also have to change, even grasping the changing trend to take the leading solutions, one step ahead to gain advantages in communication. This advantage will help businesses increase sales, market share and customer share.

Besides, investing heavily in Digital Marketing, choosing an OOH (Out of Home) channel suitable for needs and cost is what businesses need to be focused on because consumers have been and will spend more and more. time for outside activities. Depending on the budget and customer target, businesses should choose for themselves at least one suitable OOH channel, in which the communication channel at the Fitness Gym system is gradually becoming an option for many businesses.

What is Advertising at Fitness?

Society is growing, the demand for quality of life of people is also increasing, especially the demand for health training, improving physique is increasingly focused on. The number of members of Fitness systems is increasing, forming a unique and potential customer set for brands. Catching that trend, the form of advertising at Fitness system was born and increasingly affirmed its effectiveness.

What are the forms of Fitness Advertising?

Unlike other normal OOH channels, with Fitness channel, customers have maximum flexibility in advertising form.

In addition to the available means such as running promotional videos on LCD screens, E-Standee, frame, standee setting, sticker, poster, image on the locker, labels can also manipulate and create Other special forms to draw an impression.

A very unique and effective form of this channel is the brand that can also place Booth consultations with staff to introduce and sell products on site. This is a very effective form of advertising when not only introducing preliminary products, but also can provide in-depth advice, trial and closing on-site sales.

Why should people choose advertising channels at Fitness?

Fitness customers are mostly high-income people, have active lifestyles, large shopping needs and influence on those around them, this is one kind of potential customer that every brand wants towards.

The forms of advertising are diversified, flexible, and the brand can satisfy choice and creativity.

Closed gym space, information is accessed continuously every day for at least 1 hour of practice. In particular, research shows that the gym is the place where customers get the most comfortable mental state with high levels of endorphins. From there customers can receive advertising information in a positive way and remember longer.

Customers can locate geographically by selecting the appropriate centers, which helps to minimize budget waste in unnecessary areas.

Is advertising at Fitness cost high? Is this form suitable for small and medium enterprises?

Because customers can choose the location, quantity and time, it is possible to optimize and avoid budget waste. Depending on the needs, Michia’s experts will advise customers on reasonable options to help optimize efficiency and budget.

Broadcast channel at the system of high-class Fitness gyms such as California Fitness & Yoga, Getfit Gym & Yoga, Elite Fitness, or Fit24 is now the exclusive service of Michia Communication. This is a new communication channel but was immediately welcomed by many brands from real estate, automobiles, electronics, high fashion, functional foods … due to efficiency, creativity and optimal budget. Along with the development of society, promising, this will be the booming OOH channel in the rhythm of modern life.

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