The shifting trend of the outdoor advertising industry in Vietnam


With the rapid development of technology and communication techniques. Communication channels are making big changes, outdoor advertising (OOH) is no exception.

This article will ask permission to forecast the movement trends of the outdoor advertising industry in Vietnam in the future.

  1. The rise of electronic screens

The rise of electronic screens in outdoor advertising comes from both supply and demand sources. If about 3-4 years ago, the number of outdoor advertising screens only counted on the fingertips with the average display quality, now more new positions have appeared with much better display quality. . Regarding supply: The price reduction of electronic display modules and the permission of many state agencies in the provinces. The investment to innovate the advertising media owners. On demand: Advertisers are used to running and book electronic screens, along with the pressure of innovation of the companies set for Marketing communications department.

This increase is an opportunity and a key driver for OOH to have more power to compete with other media channels, especially Digital in increasing content transmission, customer access and capabilities. creative use.

  1. The proliferation of location-based outdoor advertising vehicles (Place Based)

Areas that consumers stop for a long time and with specific purposes (hospitals, commercial centers, Metro stations, bus stations, gas stations, motorbike washing stations, etc.) will grow rapidly. in terms of quantity and price than the usual big and big billboard advertising is overwhelming. Advertising on transport also has growth in quantity but the price will not grow much.

Despite these areas, the traffic volume is lower but it is more persuasive (viewers can see the content at close and longer distances). In addition, viewers in these areas are in a state of holding mobile devices on hand, which is an ideal condition for connecting Online and Offline (a concept is gradually becoming widely applied). For example: When you see an interesting content that wants to find out more information, almost no one in the middle of the road stops to pull the phone out to find more information, however if a student is sitting at the bus stop then that ability will be much higher.

Especially with the appearance of the Metro Line in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (with the metro stations located all over the route) will have a great impact on this growth.

Advertising lubricants at motorbike washing shops.

Advertising lubricants at motorbike washing shops.

  1. The advertising campaign closely connected between Offline and Online

Outdoor advertising though has the advantage of low cost / amount of access and geographical access, but the amount of information that can be provided is too low compared to other media channels. Therefore the connection between Offline and Online is a concept that is gradually gaining popularity to bring high effect on media (mix media).

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The motivation of this growth comes from information technology (QR Code, Internet, Camera identification, sync content online, …) as well as learning from advertising campaigns that have been successful abroad and fast. quickly introduced to Vietnam.

  1. The participation and rise of supporting companies for the industry

Participation and resurgence of specialized companies to support the industry. For example: Traffic flow measurement (EyeQ Tech), evaluation of outdoor billboards (Trinity Media: although almost withdrawn), advertising technology equipment (Worldline), … These companies will support support to increase and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising activities, while helping outdoor advertising activities to be more transparent and clear.

  1. Department structure in agencies of outdoor advertising

Previously the power of agency outdoor advertising can be price and relationship with suppliers as well as customers, it will gradually shift through the ability to own information (Data product advertising and user data ), along with the creative ability to use OOH. Because currently in the market more information and more stringent requirements from customers, some good advertising positions with reasonable prices are not convincing enough for customers to use the service. Therefore, there will be more creative departments in advertising agencies to create creative advertising campaigns using OOH, as well as to incorporate additional services plus outdoor advertising facilities. single. Some other outdoor advertising agencies focus on gathering information and creating partnerships to be able to provide a variety of outdoor and fast advertising channels to customers. For example: Shojiki, Unique, ..

  1. The shift to the industry

Besides FMCG, some industries will increase demand for OOH within the next 5 years.

Banner for e-commerce site.

Banner for e-commerce site.

– E-commerce & Mobile Application: OOH will be an indispensable channel for e-commerce sites and mobile applications. It can be seen that Lazada, Tiki, Shoppee or Grab are all big players in the outdoor advertising market (when it is possible to deploy 10-15 locations in Ho Chi Minh City, along with Many forms of outdoor advertising are used simultaneously. This is explained mainly from the connection between Offline and Online. In addition, e-commerce and Mobile Application are the industries that require a lot of trust (consumers still have a lack of trust when transactions via mobile devices), so outdoor advertising is a simple channel near you to increase the trust of brands and services.

– Real estate: Currently the premium positions of electronic labels , banking and finance is gradually being replaced by real estate related brands (Novaland, Angia, Alpha King) – Fastfood: When the number of Fastfood stores is still low, the cost of investing in the promo position reporting to a store is too high, so when the number of stores increases, the cost for each store will be reduced accordingly.

– Fashion: Along with the appearance of popular fashion brands abroad (Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, ..) can see the development trend of fashion industry as well as increase the ability to spend on branded fashion. The brands that have started to participate in recent outdoor advertising can be mentioned: Zara, Skecher, Biti’s, GAP, CalvinKlein, …


Each media channel has its own strengths and is constantly changing to meet the needs of the market. OOH is no exception, and probably is the same as the whole industry. The growth of OOH industry will mainly depend on Data, technology and content. Successful agencies in the market are also people who actively capture Data, technology and content (creativity).

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