Outdoor advertising (OOH) is an old but not outdated communication channel. If you know how to apply, combine with other channels, and digitize appropriately, OOH will be a gold mine for every business.


In Vietnam, OOH still has lots of potential for development thanks to social characteristics such as large population, rapid urbanization, many means of transportation every day, “specialty” of traffic jams, often Frequent traffic jams can be lucky for OOH. Along with that, OOH advertising with many outstanding advantages such as low cost, widespread, high versatility, brings a new approach to adapt to the shifting trend of modern life.

ooh (out of home)

Michia Communication focuses on effective outdoor advertising channels, accessing most of the basic living activities of a person in modern society such as Fitness, Transit, LCD on Taxi, VOV Traffic, Radio Speaker, Frame & LCD Buildings, Cinemas, Cafes, etc., with customers’ brands appearing everywhere, accessible to a large number of customers, across all fields, industries, income levels, ages , gender, interests, etc.

In particular, we own new, creative and effective exclusive communication channels:



VOV Traffic channel with the Consumer Experience section is broadcast at 16:15 to 16:30, reaching more than 2 million consumers in traffic. This is a channel to share information about brands and products naturally, through expert advice, the experiences of columnists or real consumers. Information is provided in a natural, close, non-commercial, advertising way, helping to increase the trust and experience needs of potential customers.


Communication channels at the Fitness system of California Fitness & Yoga, Elite Fitness and Fit24 nationwide, with a system of high-end and modern gyms, comprehensive advertising integration in one space, including: Frame, LCD, Poster, Standee, Consulting Booth, etc. Fitness advertising has a high coverage, spread, and synchronization, combining branding and push sales, a large customer base with an active lifestyle, leading consumption, is the goal. target of all brands.